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Elizabeth Orphanage

Today was another free day and so after the teachings this morning we decided to organise the delivery of the blankets to the Elizabeth orphanage that we had visited yesterday. But before I tell you all about that let me tell you about Raj. Raj is a 19 year old indian guy we met on the first day trying to sell us some CDs he was very Flirty and charming but I soon set him straight and told him I wasn't going to give him any money and i was happily married. Every day he has come back for a chat and we have talked about cricket, life in Australia, religion and his desire to do something with his life. I really wish him the best and hope he does well as he seems like a nice kid, so spare a thought for Raj tonight and wish him well :-)
Now back to our mission to get blankets and rice to the orphanage. The first problem we faced was getting the blankets to the orphanage without all the street beggars knowing what we were doing as we had already discovered the chaos that could create. So we recruited some empty suitcases from people and stuffed blankets inside and Narboo organised to use the hotel bus to cart us all there which was better than walking as that would attract attention. We arrived at the orphanage and i am sure the people who run it thought we were moving in but they were very happy to discover the donation of blankets. The husband and wife team who run the orphanage started it when they were at a clinic one day when an abandoned baby was brought in, the couple was unable to have children of their own and so took Elizabeth in' somehow this gesture grew to 32 children including Matthew who was left in a rubbish heap by the side of the road. It was wonderful to be able to help them today.
After delivering the blankets Narboo, Kim, Kat and I went with the Rev to buy the rice and lentils. We managed to buy enough to feed the orphans for a month.
By this stage we were shattered, it had been a hot, tiring and emotional morning so we went to our new favourite restaurant for lunch and i had veg and cheese pakora which was delicious!
We were heading back to the hotel when this young Indian guy came up to me and said 'do you want to buy a CD.? You said you would buy one tomorrow and I replied well I lied and it stopped him in his tracks lol- you have to understand that these guys are relentless and hassle the hell out of you and after I said that he laughed and started talking to me about cricket and practised saying gday mate so we ended on good terms.
It was really hot and humid today and so we came back to the hotel for a bit of down time. We had heard about a little cafe called be happy that is run by a Canadian lady who married a local Indian Guy and who had Banoffee pie, now I hadn't had Banofee since Dharamashala and so was very excited. We asked Venerable Nam Dag and Jan if they wanted to come and they said why ot so off we went. This cafe was like an oasis clean, air conditioned and yumm pie! After the pie we went back to the
Elizabeth orphanage so Nam dag could meet the children. The kids were awesome as usual and they showed me their school work and they all took turns at saying hello my name is .... what is your name and pleased to meet you in english. It was very sweet and i am hoping I can do more support them in the future.
When we got back to the hotel Brooke informs me that she has ordered a couple of tall bottles of beer and invited me to have a glass with her which I readily accepted!!
It was a great brew and was just what I felt like after this hot humid day. Norboo informed us (Km, Julie, Katand myself) that he was shouting us dinnerso off we trot to the Green Restaurant so named because it is painted green. After a delicious meal we went for a walk and decided to end the night with tea and dessert at the Shiva restaurant. It was another lovely evening with terrific company. I can't believe we only have one day left!

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Lovely story Sonya. One of my staff members also went to this orphanage several years ago. We have recently started sends them some funds on a monthly basis. I was wondering if you have given any further support. You can contact me on "bilambil@gmail.com"

by kentm

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